Studio X3 is an architecture firm based in Bandung, Indonesia, our studio specialises in residential projects such as houses, private villas and townhouses. Established in 2018 under the name Ardharakhta Arsitektur with the spirit of creating contemporary architecture based on local values. In 2024, Ardharakhta Arsitektur transforms into Studio X3 in terms of brand new vision and creating more added value and focus on creating well performed, unique and efficient architecture.


“fuction first, form later”. The forms are consequence of context and problem solving. We love a design that can wrap up all complicity into simplicity. Our studio believes that architecture should not only create an aesthetic built environment but also responds the human, climate and neighborhood. Studio X3 design principles consists of:

Well performed: Building realibility consist of safety, health, comfort and easiness. Architecture should helps balancing the surrounding environment, including social, natural and human factors. Ease of maintenance is also an important variable that must be considered also.

Unique: Creating specific concept each projects. Architecture should respond to the conditions of surrounding environment and the user’s character. Our studio design process is a two way dialogue between architect and client

Efficient: Work efficiently and time efficient.Accommodate the client’s needs & budget and finding it’s balance without eliminating human feelings. Create efficient solutions in aspects of urban living or contemporary lifestyle.